Tuesday, 1 January 2013

A New Beginning

So, we are into the beginning of a new year again.  What will this year bring?  For those who choose to make resolutions, I wish the best of luck.  I can never keep mine, so why bother?  I would like to improve many things in my life; my diet, my leisure time, my exercise regime.  It always seems to go swimmingly for the first 2 weeks of January, then the wheels fall off and I end up in the ditch.  Maybe this year will be different.  Maybe pigs will fly too!
I have a deadline to meet within the next 2 weeks to find something for Muffin for her bday.  She has very cosmopolitan tastes, but she loves the 70's hippie style.  Incredibly, I found an old paint sheet that PJ had used but was not really messed up with spots and splatters.  It was a bedsheet that we had from our first years together and must be at least 35 years old. As well worn as it was in the centre, the edges were still pristine.  I am sure I have enough to make a pair of bolster style pillows for Muffin that I know she will love.  I just have to get on it.  I used to sew many years ago and the actually sewing is very straightforward and simple; it is just getting started.  I also found a very cute pattern on Pinterest that I bookmarked.  Motivation is the problem.  Maybe if I get all hopped up on coffee, I will be inspired.  LOL
Muffin's parents stopped last Friday night for an evening.  They are truly lovely people and Tee is a very lucky boy.  They like him very much and support Muffin's choice of him.  I had bought a board game for everyone for Christmas so we busted it out and had a great night, great laughs and a few drinks and snackies!  We also found out that they, too, used to play one of our fave card games, Rummoli.  Perhaps the loudest board game that we play, participants have been known to lose their minds over a few pennies in the pot!  Peals of screams and laughter seem to emanate from this old game and everyone that we have played with is immediately addicted.  There is never a dull moment and the more players there are, the more cut throat it becomes.  But all in jest.  Even though we play with money, you probably can't lose more than a few dollars for an evenings play.  It is just the competition of trying to get all your cards played.  I highly recommend this game for a cheap and fun evening and it is so easy to learn that even the kids can play too.  
So now that I have confessed my sewing project to you, I guess I really must begin.  I will let you know how it goes, just don't hold your breath.

Thanks to all of you who are accompanying me through this blog project.  My life is very ordinary and I appreciate your kindness.  I would like to start posting some pics as well so I will have to learn how.  Until the next time!

Love from Lulu xxx

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