Thursday, 24 January 2013

Push Has Come to Shove!

While waiting to see my doc to get my renewal for my prescriptions, his nurse, who I have known for many, many years came in the room to take my blood pressure.  She used a machine that, once the arm band is strapped on, does the work itself.  It also has a little digital read out that she and I were watching, half-heartedly, while chatting about the weather.  In my opinion, the numbers did not seem excessive and after she left I continued to wait for the doc.  When he came in the examining room, he exclaimed about the numbers, took his stethoscope from around his neck and immediately put the arm band on and took the bp the old fashioned way.  He frowned and said that it was NOT GOOD!  Hmmmm, here I am, minding my own business, waiting for my prescrip renewal and he starts talking about how he is forced to increase the bp meds or I must "get the pounds off"!  WHAT????  I didn't think the numbers were that bad.  NOPE, he says, and gives me his stern look.  
Now, I know that I need to take off a few pounds, not new news to me.  So I guess this will be the beginning of a new part of the blog, "What the hell will she eat today?"  My newest life drama. I am terrible at planning and keeping track of what I should have eaten, what I did eat and how much, so this will be another full time project for me, unfortunately.  I also am not a person who eats the way all the nutritionists prescribe, you know that whole breakfast, lunch and dinner thing.  And nothing after 8 PM.  Firstly, the only breakfast "food" that I really enjoy is coffee, usually more than 1.  Secondly, if I am busy during the day, lunch could happen anywhere between 11 am and 3 pm; I don't necessarily feel obligated to stop everything at noon. Also, if I am having lunch at 3 pm, chances are that I will not be eating dinner at 5 or 6 and may be munching at 8 til possibly 10ish, if the mood strikes me.  It seems that this behaviour is frowned upon by the "health and fitness" community.  
But, I suppose I should at least give it the old college try, so I am enlisting PJ, Coco and Muffin to encourage, advise, help and generally put up with me for the next little while.  I choose not to encumber Tee with this as he, although rather chubby as a teen, is a lean, mean, 165 lbs. at 6'1" in height and eats whenever and whatever he chooses then burns it all off at work.  Good for him; he didn't get that trait from me.  Coco, however, at 5'2" is very vigilant about eating healthy and is giving me lots of suggestions as well as being a cheerleader; bless her heart.  Muffin is gluten allergic and vegetarian, so we share the virtues of vegetable based dishes and rice noodles.   And of course, PJ is diabetic and is very watchful of all he eats.  So I figure I have a pretty good team, but I guess we will see what happens.  I may fall off the wagon tomorrow.  

Love from Lulu xxx

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  1. Good luck, I have started a health kick...3lbs lost so far...long way to go yet ;)