Thursday, 3 April 2014

Catching Up

Hi again, everyone; I have been absent for a while and have only recently felt the urge to start writing again.  Since posting last summer, we have had many events in our lives.  
PJ decided not to retire but to continue working.  We talked about it for a very long time and he is just not ready to leave a job he has had for almost 40 years.  Sadly, his most recent building closed unexpectedly so he has had to move to another building.  The management have been less than honourable about the move and have given PJ a lot of grief about where he can move to (the company has several buildings but not all of them are under the union, which PJ is a member of) and what position.  It has been very stressful and he decided to see the doc about taking some time off.  The doc agreed and he will be out til at least the beginning of May.  This is the best thing for him right now because I think it will give him a breather and a chance to decide what to do next.  He has never had a lot of time off to just relax and has been consumed with work, especially the last few years that he was running the last building.  He has always felt a sense of pride in doing a good job for the company and was truly a workaholic so this leave will slow him down a little - something he needs right now!
Tee was laid off his job in construction in January and was jobless for a while.  He becomes frustrated when not working plus the fact that he has bills to pay, so needless to say, I was happy when he landed a new job.  PJ has friends everywhere and was talking to one recently who has a trucking business.  He asked how things were going to which his friend replied, "I'm in need of a dispatcher."  PJ told him that Tee was out of work but had never done dispatching.  After assuring his friend that there were no expectations in hiring Tee, his friend invited Tee for an interview.  All went well and he is now learning as he goes.  It is a very small family run company and apparently the boss is a bit of a blustery wind that blows through and the missus has to sweep up afterward.  Fortunately for Tee, the missus likes him and keeps the boss at bay.  LOL  We are all hoping that this is a real career maker for Tee; he has had so many jobs in the past and PJ and I want to see him land somewhere with something that he enjoys doing.  So far, so good.  Tee likes the people he is working with and he is picking up the job very quickly and the missus is very happy with his work - she, essentially, runs the office.  Mr. Bluster just makes the deals and quotes the jobs.  So it seems like he is okay for now.  Keep your fingers crossed.  
The biggest news in the family was with Coco!  Big Daddy proposed at her birthday dinner!  It was all very sweet and romantic.  Big Daddy took her out for dinner and presented a gift that was a locket.  But what was inside?  A note asking her to marry him!  OMG, again, too cute for words.  He had the ring as well (although I don't think he did the one knee thing) to make the perfect night.  We are all very happy about this as PJ gets a golf partner, Tee gets a brother, I get a handy man and well, Coco gets a husband.  Big Daddy also comes as a package deal with a 7 year old daughter and a 5 year old son.  So PJ and I also get built in grandkids!  I would say we all win.  HAHAHAHA

Love from Lulu xxxx