Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Hello 2013!

I was just reading some of the other blogs that I follow and saw that" Dani... Black Belt Stitching Wizard " has decided to publish her goals for the next year - what a brave girl!  I shared one of my short term goals yesterday but have been having thoughts about some long term goals as well.  

Eating Healthy: I normally am not much of a junk food person but every now and then I just can't live without something super salty, usually in the form of chips.  PJ and I do not usually buy them as they are like poison to both of us.  PJ has Type 2 Diabetes and prefers not to eat potatoes and limits his starch intake as well and I just have a giant ass.  

Exercise: Hate it, but I do have a treadmill and I would like to use it more often, then I can do my fave exercise at the same time: watching tv!

Socializing: Now this is a bit of an issue.  I LOVE a party, love the fun, love the drinks, love the food, love the bonfires.  PJ, not so much.  He sees it as a list of duties: cut the lawn, get the firepit ready, fill the tiki torches, man the bbq, police the drunks.  But we do love to entertain in small groups and I talked about how much we love a good board game, so I think there is room for some give and take.  Mostly PJ gives me the okay, and I take advantage!

Maintaining the House: Again, another little problem area.  I want an extension on the deck this summer; PJ is considering finishing the basement.  I will report any negotiations in either of these projects.  
I would like the living room/dining room/front hall painted.  PJ HATES painting.  
PJ would like the bedroom re-arranged; I am okay with that but I am also thinking I would like a new upholstered headboard (we currently have a wrought iron).  Again, I will report any negotiations on this front.

Vacation: Oh, this is a real thorny subject.  Since my entire work schedule consists of 2 days a month, I am pretty much on vacay all summer.  No problem.  PJ, on the other hand, plans to take time off but then, whoopsy, it doesn't happen.  Last summer's reasons: a new client was coming into the warehouse (he does not own the business, but you would think he does!), his girl in the office wanted "that" week off and since she has grandkids, he thought it was a nice thing to do (I agreed with that one, btw), his mate in the warehouse wanted "that" week off and since he has grandkids, he thought it was a nice thing to do (again, I have to say I agreed with that; his mate is a great guy and they have worked together for 30+ years), there were ongoing electrical issues in the building, another new client, and on and on.  Needless to say, it suddenly became September then October.  Now he still has 2 weeks from 2012 and will get another 5 in April for 2013!  Trust me, this summer, things will be different!

Hope you all help me with these items now that I have bared my soul.  Or just keep reading to see how it all works out!

Love from Lulu xxxx

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