Monday, 28 January 2013

Updates and Other Bits

A few things to talk about this morning.  
As I mentioned before, Coco works at a local daycare and has been there for over 5 years.  She has become very good friends with several of the girls there as well as the beautiful woman who cooks all the culinary delights for the children.  This woman amazes me; she faithfully prepares wonderfully nutritious meals for all the children daily.  Fresh, home made and really spanning the spectrum.  Many children are so picky about food and yet she can create delicious dinners that they enjoy.  Bravo, M, you are truly an earth mother!  Anyway, having said that Coco tells me I have a bit of a cult following with the beauties that work with her.  So I thought I would make mention of a few.  T, who we fondly refer to as Barbie, is a gorgeous, tall blonde.  She thinks that she is pretty tough but I just find her adorable.  She and her man, C, have raised two fantastic kids who are sweet and loving and certainly make her proud as a mother every day.  Another T, recently back from maternity leave, is another beautiful young woman who is thoughtful and kind and always has a smile for everyone.  She and her man, C (I just realized that both couples have the same initials) are the proud parents of a beautiful little boy with the most piercing blue eyes.  You just know that he is going to steal many little girl's hearts one day!  Another girl who Coco has known for many years is A, yet another beauty at the daycare.  A is happy and loving and sweet and I am always glad to see her.  As with K, another young lady who is always happy and smiling and truly in her element working with the children.  I really can't name everyone there and of course I will leave someone out, but Coco is fortunate to work with such lovely women and I appreciate that as well.  
Tee is scheduled for his wisdom teeth extraction on the 31st.  I will have to deliver him and pick him up as I am sure he will be hallucinating by the end of it all.  Stay tuned in case I get any good video.  
Work is going great as is my effort to appease the doc and try to eat healthy.  I have recently been addicted to a wrap that is available at the sushi counter at the local grocery store.  It consists of lettuce, cucumber, carrot, avocado and mango wrapped in rice paper with a dip.  The dip may be a mustard base but is citrusy as well.  So yummy.  I have been successful in eating breakfast, lunch and dinners so far and have a piece of fruit in between.  But it is early days, so I won't crow about successes until I see some.  Actually, I must go eat breakfast now.  Coco is monitoring this and has made it clear that I MUST eat within an hour of getting up.  Oh, oh, it is an hour on the dot right now!  Gotta run!

Love from Lulu xxxxx

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