Monday, 31 December 2012

And a Happy New Year!

Although it is only noon here, the celebrating has begun.  Tee and Coco and Muffin are off for lunch at the local sushi place and then Coco and her friends are getting together tonite and Tee and Muffin are off to a New Year's Eve party where their friends are playing.  The band consists of 3 boys (they are still boys to me even though they are in their mid 20's) Tom, Ian and Jesse.  Tom and Ian went to high school with Tee and so we have known them since forever.  They play here and there and all the members actually have "real" jobs but I think they are still waiting for their "big break".  They are such lovely boys and I would just be thrilled to see them make it in the music industry.  They regularly post new videos to YouTube and they get lots of hits, so who knows?  Anyway, they are playing at a resort north of here tonight and a bunch of the gang are going up there to celebrate with them.  Thankfully, they are all getting hotel rooms so I don't have to worry about Tee driving.  I think there are about 10 or so going so it should be a fun night.  Coco and Nats are visiting friends then heading to a gorgeous park in the heart of the little town south of us where there are lots of celebrations going on.  I know that they have a skating rink and music and I suspect they will have an outdoor pub and some live music as well.  It is a very old park and has the most beautiful mature trees and gardens making it very popular with the bicycling and jogging crowds in the summer.   Maybe the girls will find some cute boys to party with.  (Fingers crossed.)  LOL
PJ and I are taking life easy at home tonight.  Some snacks, some drinks and he will likely fall asleep before the ball drops, but who cares?  Back in the day, we used to have the parties at our house and the whole crowd would party all night.  When I think of it now, I don't know where we all squeezed in.  That was just a little house.  But lots of fun.
Kitboo is not crazy about the snow that we have gotten over the last couple of days.  She will go as far as the back deck (PJ had to shovel it for her) but did not venture down the stairs until today.  I had let her out and forgot about her again and when I came back to the kitchen, I looked out on the deck to nothing!  She was gone!  I called her but did not see her peeking out from her usual hiding places.  Then I spotted the little paw prints heading around the side of the house toward the front.  Oh, oh, I don't like her going out to the front as we have lost so many other cats to the insanity of the drivers on the road.  I went to the front door and as soon as she heard me open the door, she was up the steps and in the house with a flick of her tail to me!  I guess she made her way to the front then didn't want to have to brave the snow to get back again.  Spoiled kitten! She is now safely ensconced in her fave new spot, on the dining room table.  I don't have the heart to shoo her off and it still has the sheet on it from the wrapping of Christmas gifts.  I guess I will have to put a stop to that soon.  But not today.  After all it is New Year's for kittens too!

Best wishes for 2013 to all.  Thanks for allowing me to entertain you.

Love from Lulu xxx

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  1. Your evening plans sound about the same as ours; pretty quiet. I'm sure the rest of your gang will have a blast ringing in 2013, and will have lots of stories to share.

    Happy New Year!