Monday, 28 January 2013

Updates and Other Bits

A few things to talk about this morning.  
As I mentioned before, Coco works at a local daycare and has been there for over 5 years.  She has become very good friends with several of the girls there as well as the beautiful woman who cooks all the culinary delights for the children.  This woman amazes me; she faithfully prepares wonderfully nutritious meals for all the children daily.  Fresh, home made and really spanning the spectrum.  Many children are so picky about food and yet she can create delicious dinners that they enjoy.  Bravo, M, you are truly an earth mother!  Anyway, having said that Coco tells me I have a bit of a cult following with the beauties that work with her.  So I thought I would make mention of a few.  T, who we fondly refer to as Barbie, is a gorgeous, tall blonde.  She thinks that she is pretty tough but I just find her adorable.  She and her man, C, have raised two fantastic kids who are sweet and loving and certainly make her proud as a mother every day.  Another T, recently back from maternity leave, is another beautiful young woman who is thoughtful and kind and always has a smile for everyone.  She and her man, C (I just realized that both couples have the same initials) are the proud parents of a beautiful little boy with the most piercing blue eyes.  You just know that he is going to steal many little girl's hearts one day!  Another girl who Coco has known for many years is A, yet another beauty at the daycare.  A is happy and loving and sweet and I am always glad to see her.  As with K, another young lady who is always happy and smiling and truly in her element working with the children.  I really can't name everyone there and of course I will leave someone out, but Coco is fortunate to work with such lovely women and I appreciate that as well.  
Tee is scheduled for his wisdom teeth extraction on the 31st.  I will have to deliver him and pick him up as I am sure he will be hallucinating by the end of it all.  Stay tuned in case I get any good video.  
Work is going great as is my effort to appease the doc and try to eat healthy.  I have recently been addicted to a wrap that is available at the sushi counter at the local grocery store.  It consists of lettuce, cucumber, carrot, avocado and mango wrapped in rice paper with a dip.  The dip may be a mustard base but is citrusy as well.  So yummy.  I have been successful in eating breakfast, lunch and dinners so far and have a piece of fruit in between.  But it is early days, so I won't crow about successes until I see some.  Actually, I must go eat breakfast now.  Coco is monitoring this and has made it clear that I MUST eat within an hour of getting up.  Oh, oh, it is an hour on the dot right now!  Gotta run!

Love from Lulu xxxxx

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Push Has Come to Shove!

While waiting to see my doc to get my renewal for my prescriptions, his nurse, who I have known for many, many years came in the room to take my blood pressure.  She used a machine that, once the arm band is strapped on, does the work itself.  It also has a little digital read out that she and I were watching, half-heartedly, while chatting about the weather.  In my opinion, the numbers did not seem excessive and after she left I continued to wait for the doc.  When he came in the examining room, he exclaimed about the numbers, took his stethoscope from around his neck and immediately put the arm band on and took the bp the old fashioned way.  He frowned and said that it was NOT GOOD!  Hmmmm, here I am, minding my own business, waiting for my prescrip renewal and he starts talking about how he is forced to increase the bp meds or I must "get the pounds off"!  WHAT????  I didn't think the numbers were that bad.  NOPE, he says, and gives me his stern look.  
Now, I know that I need to take off a few pounds, not new news to me.  So I guess this will be the beginning of a new part of the blog, "What the hell will she eat today?"  My newest life drama. I am terrible at planning and keeping track of what I should have eaten, what I did eat and how much, so this will be another full time project for me, unfortunately.  I also am not a person who eats the way all the nutritionists prescribe, you know that whole breakfast, lunch and dinner thing.  And nothing after 8 PM.  Firstly, the only breakfast "food" that I really enjoy is coffee, usually more than 1.  Secondly, if I am busy during the day, lunch could happen anywhere between 11 am and 3 pm; I don't necessarily feel obligated to stop everything at noon. Also, if I am having lunch at 3 pm, chances are that I will not be eating dinner at 5 or 6 and may be munching at 8 til possibly 10ish, if the mood strikes me.  It seems that this behaviour is frowned upon by the "health and fitness" community.  
But, I suppose I should at least give it the old college try, so I am enlisting PJ, Coco and Muffin to encourage, advise, help and generally put up with me for the next little while.  I choose not to encumber Tee with this as he, although rather chubby as a teen, is a lean, mean, 165 lbs. at 6'1" in height and eats whenever and whatever he chooses then burns it all off at work.  Good for him; he didn't get that trait from me.  Coco, however, at 5'2" is very vigilant about eating healthy and is giving me lots of suggestions as well as being a cheerleader; bless her heart.  Muffin is gluten allergic and vegetarian, so we share the virtues of vegetable based dishes and rice noodles.   And of course, PJ is diabetic and is very watchful of all he eats.  So I figure I have a pretty good team, but I guess we will see what happens.  I may fall off the wagon tomorrow.  

Love from Lulu xxx

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Internetitis..... the new flu!

I have not been posting of late due to my recent illness, Internetitis.  You may have experienced it yourself.  Symptoms include blogthargy, webseausness, googleizziness, as well as minor postingaches and surfingpains.  Sadly the Internetitis started with blogthargy and googleizziness and just percolated from there, but I am feeling a little more with it today.  It tends to be more active in January and February, thought to be caused, in part, by the post Christmas let down.  Not to mention the influx of Christmas bills.  I believe that those who take a shot of hot sandy beach in mid February do experience a little relief, although I have not tried that remedy.  
Not much to talk about here other than  KitBoo's abhorrence of the recent snow and windy weather we are having.  The princess does not like her little toes to touch snow and has an internal fight every day on whether to risk going outside or not.  She has her morning "constitutional" in my garden and it is not her preferred choice to have to use the litter box.  We believe that she only goes outside to prove that she can dominate us and demand that we let her out.  But when it is windy, she will stand at the door and think twice when it is opened.  Snow, on the other hand, can be tolerated in very small amounts, if necessary.  For example, when the door opens, there is a very small curb that separates the sliding door frame and the deck.  This curb is covered by the deck overhang as well as being protected somewhat by the door frame, so it does not get as much, if any, snow on it, unless, of course, the wind is blowing it that way.  This makes for a narrow little area that can be used for sitting and observing, until one has summoned enough courage to actually walk in the hated white stuff to get to the garden.  Needless to say, patrolling the yard is completely out of the question in this weather.  On occasion, I have been known to forget that the princess is outside and upon remembering and opening the door, I have been met with dirty looks and a few snotty rowrowrs accompanied with a tail flick for emphasis.  Windy weather, however, is a different story.  KitBoo will NOT suffer the wind blowing in her ears, in her face or up her butt.  On the rare, summer day that it is particularly windy she may or may not tolerate it for the sake of the aforementioned "constitutional" or if her bird friends are about, but in winter this is never acceptable.  One is bad enough but to have to endure the tag team of wind and snow is just all too much for the princess.  Speaking of which, I think I have forgotten her outside again.  Oh, dear!

Love from Lulu xxx

Monday, 14 January 2013

Crisis Averted.......For Now

In keeping with my usual laziness, I did not complete the project that I shared with you and intended for the upcoming bday.  Whilst talking to Muffin last week, we were discussing her birthday celebration plans.  She informed me that she and Tee were attending another performance of their friends' band in Toronto then were meeting some other friends at another club.  She also informed me that she and Tee were getting a hotel room downtown as well so as not to have to rely on a designated driver and so they could both enjoy a few celebratory drinks and taxi back and forth to the clubs and hotel.  Both my kids are very much anti drinking and driving enthusiasts and Tee has made use of the Christmas season "Red Nose" services.  I fully endorse this service and it has been functional in our area for a few years now.  It is a group of volunteers who will come to wherever you are: club, party, whatever, and drive your car home for you.  It is funded through donations made by the users and is not exclusive to those who have had a few too many drinks.  It can also be used by folks who have worked too many hours and are just too tired to drive as well as those who have indulged in, shall we say, less than legal substances.  The object of these organizations is to get you home safely with your vehicle and to keep dangerous drivers off the road.  What is more commendable than that?  
Anyway, getting back to the bday.  PJ suggested that if they are getting a hotel room, perhaps a more practical gift might be some money toward that cost.  I said, Brilliant thinking, old dear!  Of course he did not know that I had still not even dug out the material for the gift I was intending!  But there you have it.  No fuss, no muss.  PJ slipped Tee a few twenties and told him to treat Muffin to fun night.  All was well with the partygoers.  Coco also went to the celebrations and enjoyed a little sauciness while there.  Apparently, an old friend of Tee's who moved to Toronto a few years ago was there with his new gf.  He spotted Coco and immediately grabbed her face and kissed her.  The gf was not happy about this and stormed off with Tee's friend running after her to explain who this cute little blonde was, I assume!  HAHAHAHA  Little does she know that Coco has known this boy since he was 16.  If she had any interest in him, he would have known before now! 

Love from Lulu xxx  

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Tick Tock

So, again, I am leaving everything to the last minute.  Nothing new.  I do it all the time.  I still have not started "the project" and Muffin's bday is in 10 days!  I am hoping to have a little time alone next week as she is starting her college courses and so will not be here as much.  She does not live here but is here most evenings with Tee; not that I am complaining.  I am crazy about Muffin; she is a smart and talented young woman and gorgeous to boot - she was a Miss Toronto contestant a couple of years ago.  Anyway, I must get moving on it soon.  
I also had another project that I wanted to sew as well.  Our Christmas stockings are really lacking the Christmas spirit, what with being all ragged and torn up, so I was hoping to find some nice Christmas material after the new year on sale.  I have not been to the local fabric shop yet and I really need to go or else everything will be sold out.  I was thinking of a quilted fabric and maybe a nice furry trim.  Even a plain red fabric would do.  Then I can embroider the names on it.  
I must also confess that I have not been doing any time on my treadmill either; I know you are disappointed; me too!  I would like to get it moved upstairs again so that I can at least watch tv or a movie on my comp while walking.  It is soooooo boring just looking at the wall.  
PJ is still thinking about the whole retirement thing.  He waffles daily and is especially keen right now as his warehouse is almost empty and he is contemplating having to go to another warehouse, which does NOT appeal since he has been virtually running this one.  The company has several warehouses in relatively close proximity but only half are still union shops and PJ is a union member.  So his choices are limited.  But enough about that.
Poor Tee is looking at getting his wisdom teeth out, but I don't think he is too worried as he sees it as a week off work!  Silly boy.  
For those interested, the new job is going well.  I am feeling a bit more confident each time and some of the things are really coming second nature already.  Thank goodness.  And my boss is the best, so patient.  Who could ask for more?
Her Royal Highness, Princess Kitboo
Kitboo has been inside too much of late.  It has been cold and windy and we got quite a bit of snow, so she is hesitant to go outside and if she does, it is only for a few minutes.  Anyway, I think she has too much energy pent up from not patrolling the yard.  Her new fave thing to do is to sit at the top of the stairs to the basement and jump out at me as I pass the staircase.  She has done this a few times, little tart.  She also likes me to run after her and will tear around the family room into the dining room, out to the hall and down the stairs like a mad thing.  Then she will sit at the bottom of the stairs and meow to get my attention.  She is almost as spoiled as my kids.

Love from Lulu xxx

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Hello 2013!

I was just reading some of the other blogs that I follow and saw that" Dani... Black Belt Stitching Wizard " has decided to publish her goals for the next year - what a brave girl!  I shared one of my short term goals yesterday but have been having thoughts about some long term goals as well.  

Eating Healthy: I normally am not much of a junk food person but every now and then I just can't live without something super salty, usually in the form of chips.  PJ and I do not usually buy them as they are like poison to both of us.  PJ has Type 2 Diabetes and prefers not to eat potatoes and limits his starch intake as well and I just have a giant ass.  

Exercise: Hate it, but I do have a treadmill and I would like to use it more often, then I can do my fave exercise at the same time: watching tv!

Socializing: Now this is a bit of an issue.  I LOVE a party, love the fun, love the drinks, love the food, love the bonfires.  PJ, not so much.  He sees it as a list of duties: cut the lawn, get the firepit ready, fill the tiki torches, man the bbq, police the drunks.  But we do love to entertain in small groups and I talked about how much we love a good board game, so I think there is room for some give and take.  Mostly PJ gives me the okay, and I take advantage!

Maintaining the House: Again, another little problem area.  I want an extension on the deck this summer; PJ is considering finishing the basement.  I will report any negotiations in either of these projects.  
I would like the living room/dining room/front hall painted.  PJ HATES painting.  
PJ would like the bedroom re-arranged; I am okay with that but I am also thinking I would like a new upholstered headboard (we currently have a wrought iron).  Again, I will report any negotiations on this front.

Vacation: Oh, this is a real thorny subject.  Since my entire work schedule consists of 2 days a month, I am pretty much on vacay all summer.  No problem.  PJ, on the other hand, plans to take time off but then, whoopsy, it doesn't happen.  Last summer's reasons: a new client was coming into the warehouse (he does not own the business, but you would think he does!), his girl in the office wanted "that" week off and since she has grandkids, he thought it was a nice thing to do (I agreed with that one, btw), his mate in the warehouse wanted "that" week off and since he has grandkids, he thought it was a nice thing to do (again, I have to say I agreed with that; his mate is a great guy and they have worked together for 30+ years), there were ongoing electrical issues in the building, another new client, and on and on.  Needless to say, it suddenly became September then October.  Now he still has 2 weeks from 2012 and will get another 5 in April for 2013!  Trust me, this summer, things will be different!

Hope you all help me with these items now that I have bared my soul.  Or just keep reading to see how it all works out!

Love from Lulu xxxx

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

A New Beginning

So, we are into the beginning of a new year again.  What will this year bring?  For those who choose to make resolutions, I wish the best of luck.  I can never keep mine, so why bother?  I would like to improve many things in my life; my diet, my leisure time, my exercise regime.  It always seems to go swimmingly for the first 2 weeks of January, then the wheels fall off and I end up in the ditch.  Maybe this year will be different.  Maybe pigs will fly too!
I have a deadline to meet within the next 2 weeks to find something for Muffin for her bday.  She has very cosmopolitan tastes, but she loves the 70's hippie style.  Incredibly, I found an old paint sheet that PJ had used but was not really messed up with spots and splatters.  It was a bedsheet that we had from our first years together and must be at least 35 years old. As well worn as it was in the centre, the edges were still pristine.  I am sure I have enough to make a pair of bolster style pillows for Muffin that I know she will love.  I just have to get on it.  I used to sew many years ago and the actually sewing is very straightforward and simple; it is just getting started.  I also found a very cute pattern on Pinterest that I bookmarked.  Motivation is the problem.  Maybe if I get all hopped up on coffee, I will be inspired.  LOL
Muffin's parents stopped last Friday night for an evening.  They are truly lovely people and Tee is a very lucky boy.  They like him very much and support Muffin's choice of him.  I had bought a board game for everyone for Christmas so we busted it out and had a great night, great laughs and a few drinks and snackies!  We also found out that they, too, used to play one of our fave card games, Rummoli.  Perhaps the loudest board game that we play, participants have been known to lose their minds over a few pennies in the pot!  Peals of screams and laughter seem to emanate from this old game and everyone that we have played with is immediately addicted.  There is never a dull moment and the more players there are, the more cut throat it becomes.  But all in jest.  Even though we play with money, you probably can't lose more than a few dollars for an evenings play.  It is just the competition of trying to get all your cards played.  I highly recommend this game for a cheap and fun evening and it is so easy to learn that even the kids can play too.  
So now that I have confessed my sewing project to you, I guess I really must begin.  I will let you know how it goes, just don't hold your breath.

Thanks to all of you who are accompanying me through this blog project.  My life is very ordinary and I appreciate your kindness.  I would like to start posting some pics as well so I will have to learn how.  Until the next time!

Love from Lulu xxx