Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Internetitis..... the new flu!

I have not been posting of late due to my recent illness, Internetitis.  You may have experienced it yourself.  Symptoms include blogthargy, webseausness, googleizziness, as well as minor postingaches and surfingpains.  Sadly the Internetitis started with blogthargy and googleizziness and just percolated from there, but I am feeling a little more with it today.  It tends to be more active in January and February, thought to be caused, in part, by the post Christmas let down.  Not to mention the influx of Christmas bills.  I believe that those who take a shot of hot sandy beach in mid February do experience a little relief, although I have not tried that remedy.  
Not much to talk about here other than  KitBoo's abhorrence of the recent snow and windy weather we are having.  The princess does not like her little toes to touch snow and has an internal fight every day on whether to risk going outside or not.  She has her morning "constitutional" in my garden and it is not her preferred choice to have to use the litter box.  We believe that she only goes outside to prove that she can dominate us and demand that we let her out.  But when it is windy, she will stand at the door and think twice when it is opened.  Snow, on the other hand, can be tolerated in very small amounts, if necessary.  For example, when the door opens, there is a very small curb that separates the sliding door frame and the deck.  This curb is covered by the deck overhang as well as being protected somewhat by the door frame, so it does not get as much, if any, snow on it, unless, of course, the wind is blowing it that way.  This makes for a narrow little area that can be used for sitting and observing, until one has summoned enough courage to actually walk in the hated white stuff to get to the garden.  Needless to say, patrolling the yard is completely out of the question in this weather.  On occasion, I have been known to forget that the princess is outside and upon remembering and opening the door, I have been met with dirty looks and a few snotty rowrowrs accompanied with a tail flick for emphasis.  Windy weather, however, is a different story.  KitBoo will NOT suffer the wind blowing in her ears, in her face or up her butt.  On the rare, summer day that it is particularly windy she may or may not tolerate it for the sake of the aforementioned "constitutional" or if her bird friends are about, but in winter this is never acceptable.  One is bad enough but to have to endure the tag team of wind and snow is just all too much for the princess.  Speaking of which, I think I have forgotten her outside again.  Oh, dear!

Love from Lulu xxx

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