Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Back again and better than ever!!

I feel like I have so much to tell about the last year but where to start?  Well, let's start with the most important - PJ and I are the proud grandparents of a simply perfect baby girl!!  She is currently 4 days old and amazes me daily.  But let's go back a bit.  
Last spring, PJ and I finally decided that it was time to move on.   After 27 years, we fixed, cleaned, painted, downsized, decluttered and threw out.  Sometimes it was traumatizing, sometimes it was bittersweet, sometimes it was exhausting, but after several months of hard work, we put the house up on the market and started looking for something to move into.  We had already discussed the Fergus area, but we also liked the countryside of Amaranth and the wide open spaces north of Orangeville.  We looked at many places, more on the internet and were mostly disappointed, sometimes shocked, like the house where the dogs had chewed on the window sills !?!?, but mostly saddened at the prospect of not finding a place as nice as ours.  Then, as the old saying goes "It's always the last place you look", it really was.  PJ and I walked in the front door and were immediately taken with the open concept style.  We were happy at last.  It even had the same flooring in the laundry room as the old place - we took that as a sign.  We were fortunate to land the deal and the rest is history.  So, #1 event - new house.
Since we were moving in mid September, PJ thought it would be a great idea to have his family come over for Thanksgiving.  We had 16 adults, 2 kids and 3 dogs.  But it all went well.  Christmas was relatively quiet but nice.  Then the snow started and never stopped.  It snowed every day for about 6 weeks; sometimes just a flurry, sometimes several inches, but it was relentless.  The first day of spring could not come quickly enough.  Coco worked about an hour away til she was about a month away from her due date.  She was expecting wee Chloe at the end of March and she arrived on the 31st - yet another stormy day except freezing rain this time, rather than snow.  Still Mommy and Daddy did great with the help of our good friend and recent nursing graduate, Sarah K, who served as doula and all round cheerleader.  
Event # 2 - Tee's new job.  Having graduated from his college courses (with honours and perfect attendance!), he got a job teaching kids programming.  At times he finds it challenging but then he gets that one kid that is just "tuned in", the one who asks questions and wants to experiment with the coding.  That makes it worthwhile.  Although he is only doing part time hours currently, he will be doing full time this summer.  And of course, he is still doing his online tutorials "for fun".  Such a nerd.
I think that is all the excitement for today; stay tuned for the next installment.