Monday, 14 January 2013

Crisis Averted.......For Now

In keeping with my usual laziness, I did not complete the project that I shared with you and intended for the upcoming bday.  Whilst talking to Muffin last week, we were discussing her birthday celebration plans.  She informed me that she and Tee were attending another performance of their friends' band in Toronto then were meeting some other friends at another club.  She also informed me that she and Tee were getting a hotel room downtown as well so as not to have to rely on a designated driver and so they could both enjoy a few celebratory drinks and taxi back and forth to the clubs and hotel.  Both my kids are very much anti drinking and driving enthusiasts and Tee has made use of the Christmas season "Red Nose" services.  I fully endorse this service and it has been functional in our area for a few years now.  It is a group of volunteers who will come to wherever you are: club, party, whatever, and drive your car home for you.  It is funded through donations made by the users and is not exclusive to those who have had a few too many drinks.  It can also be used by folks who have worked too many hours and are just too tired to drive as well as those who have indulged in, shall we say, less than legal substances.  The object of these organizations is to get you home safely with your vehicle and to keep dangerous drivers off the road.  What is more commendable than that?  
Anyway, getting back to the bday.  PJ suggested that if they are getting a hotel room, perhaps a more practical gift might be some money toward that cost.  I said, Brilliant thinking, old dear!  Of course he did not know that I had still not even dug out the material for the gift I was intending!  But there you have it.  No fuss, no muss.  PJ slipped Tee a few twenties and told him to treat Muffin to fun night.  All was well with the partygoers.  Coco also went to the celebrations and enjoyed a little sauciness while there.  Apparently, an old friend of Tee's who moved to Toronto a few years ago was there with his new gf.  He spotted Coco and immediately grabbed her face and kissed her.  The gf was not happy about this and stormed off with Tee's friend running after her to explain who this cute little blonde was, I assume!  HAHAHAHA  Little does she know that Coco has known this boy since he was 16.  If she had any interest in him, he would have known before now! 

Love from Lulu xxx  

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