Wednesday, 18 February 2015

The End of An Era - Part 2

Although I initially wrote about PJ's retirement at the beginning of January, it was all just a sham.  Yes, it is true.  He lied to me.  The unraveling of his tale began with an innocuous phone call from his "friend" (and former supervisor), Wayne.  Oh, yes, he could come in to "help out" with one of his former accounts at the warehouse.  No problem.  Just a couple of hours.  No biggy.  Then he comes home from an innocent (?) trip to Tim's for a coffee with an announcement that not only had he met the big boss over there - he lives in our community - but also that he was offered 3 days a week!  They would put him back on the payroll......what????  OK, I admit that he hasn't actually gone back on the payroll........yet!  The further unraveling of this terrible travesty was when he was asked by the beautiful and talented financial advisor at our bank to get his retirement info so she could review it and advise us accordingly.  Well, it turns out that upon PJ's request to the company, he was told it would take "a couple of weeks" for him to get the paperwork.  That was mid January.  An email on February 12th to the person in charge of said paperwork then revealed that she had "just recieved" his details and would forward them to the investment firm handling the pension funds and he would likely hear from them guessed it......"a couple of weeks"!!  As an investigative journalist, I have taken all this evidence into consideration.  I think that this whole "retirement" scam is just a cover up for spending all MY money!  I know, I was shocked too!  I am beginning to think there is no real pension and he has just been teasing me with his talk of big money.  And how elaborate to actually have the big boss and the company finance person in on the scheme.  This must have taken months to orchestrate.  Oh, well, folks, there is the plain truth, but stayed tuned.  Who knows what will happen next?
On a brighter note, I have a brand new dishwasher in my kitchen.  PJ went shopping for it a while ago and found a great model that was on sale.  He bought it right there and then.  A week or so later, I suggested we stop in at the local Home Depot to have a look at hardware and countertops for my soon-to-be renovated kitchen.  While there, he was looking at the appliances and discovered one of the same model he bought.  No price tag but with an ever mysterious and tantalizing "Clearance" tag on it.  OH,my.  Sure enough it was $150 cheaper than the other store's price - mainly because it was a floor model.  He got the info and went back to the original store.  Oh, yes, they price match and also give a 10% DISCOUNT OVER THAT PRICE!!!!  What??  Ya, he is the king of shopping now.  So maybe I can forgive the whole retirement scam.
With love from Lulu xxx