Saturday, 22 December 2012

Countdown to Crazy

Well, it looks like we successfully made it through the end of the world. Although some would say that it is still crumbling piece by piece.  I often wonder about these so-called "seers" that regularly pop up to predict the demise of the world.  Surely, it must be a craving for attention that they are lacking else where.  Too bad.
So now we move on to the preparations for Christmas.  YIKES.  Still only half my wrapping done; no food prep done.  And KitBoo has decided that she loves to have her afternoon nap on the dining room table.  Currently it is covered with a sheet and being used for wrapping the prezzies and she loves to roll around in the paper bits and ribbon.  I don't know, don't ask.  She has some fetish with paper and bags and boxes though, I know; if anyone brings a bag of any kind into the house she will try to get into it, paper or cloth.  Muffin often brings food over here as she is gluten free and will shop for items that we can prepare and serve here for her.  Inevitably, Kit will not just look in the bags but will attempt to get into the bag or lay on it.  She also loves to nose her way into bigger paper bags, ie. take away bags with the handles, and will actually jump right into them.  As I am writing this, she is in the spare room with me laying on a discarded gift bag that I threw on the floor yesterday, in my haste of finding the others.  I don't dare pick it up now.  She already gave me a talking-to earlier when I let her out in the wind and snow and then forgot her.  She must have been waiting on the doorstep as I saw dozens of little paw prints back and forth all over the step.  When I opened the door, I got a Mroworow as she rushed in.  
I really must get myself together today.  PJ has gone to get a haircut and pick up some last minute stuff.  Tee is still sleeping - big shock there.  I don't know what Coco has planned for today but we may see her later.  She texted me yesterday saying that she has all of next week off so she would be coming over EARLY Monday morning.  I said, "No worries, if I am still in bed, just come crawl in.  Dad will be gone to work."   Knowing her, she will have a field day smelling, touching, shaking, and guessing what is in her packages under the tree.  She CANNOT be trusted.  We have to make sure that her gifts are under wraps from purchase to Christmas day.  PJ once drove around for a month with her gift in the trunk of his car just so she would not find it.  Even when she gives a gift, she cannot wait til the day and it drives her nuts if she cannot tell someone.  In some ways it is nice that she still has the excitement of Christmas.  I completely get it; I am the same!

Love from Lulu xx  

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