Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Intros All Round

Hi anyone who is reading this.  I have to admit I tried this before and was too lazy to keep it going but maybe this time I will be more motivated to share.  I would like to write random bits and pieces about my life, my family and my friends just to be able to express my inner thoughts and feelings.  In order to give perspective to that I will make some intros to the cast of characters who will be talked about, complained about, bragged about and generally gossiped about here.
PJ: the wonderful man that I have been married to for a very, very long time.  He is just a regular working stiff, 35+ years at the same place, no degrees, no high powered job, just a very good guy!
Coco: my beautiful daughter, who is 31 and not married and no kids, which is a thorn in my side cuz I am desperate for a cute little grandbaby to snuggle.  Coco is a teacher at a day care centre and as much as she adores the children, the kids and the parents love her.  She has been doing this for about 7 years and LOVES it.
Tee: my handsome son, who is 25.  He too is not married but he has a wonderful gf, Muffin, who you will hear about frequently too.  No kids there either.  Tee works at a steel cutting plant and has been there about a year.
I can't forget Kitboo, our sweet little black female cat.  We have had her since last spring.  She has some interesting personality traits that I will probably talk about later.  
So that is the whole gang.  You will likely hear about friends as well.  We don't have an extended family since all the grandparents are gone.  PJ is not particularly close to his sibs and I have none.
Thanks for sticking with me so far.  Let's see where it all goes.
Love from Lulu

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