Thursday, 27 December 2012

Post Christmas

Well, here we all are again.  The mad rush is over; the presents have been exchanged, the turkey roasted, the drinks drunk and the cleanup begun.  Maybe not yet, exactly.  Christmas eve was rather quiet here; we never really know who may stop by and in the past we have had lots of Tee and Coco's friends stop in.  Coco made a fantastic dip this year, Buffalo Chicken Dip.  I will post the recipe for anyone reading this and interested.  It was deeelish.  I also made my usual (2 ingredient!) sweet and sour meatballs.  And we also had shrimp, pate and lots of wine!  Christmas Day was mad; Coco is the official alarm clock in the family and makes sure that everyone is up and at it by 5.  Once all the prezzies were opened, Tee and Muffin made their way to Muffin's place so that he could collect his loot from Muffin's folks!  They are far too generous. Muffy had plans with her family so Tee came home to a nap and a very relaxed turkey dinner with us.  Coco brought her laundry with her and got caught up on that and while I was doing the cooking, PJ and I watched a couple of Christmas specials.  Like I said, very low key here.  
Normally, on Boxing Day, PJ and Coco like to go shopping for all the picked over bargains.  As you can infer, not my cup of tea.  However, PJ declared that he was not going anywhere and stayed in his pj's (haha) all day.  That was okay with Coco as she and her roomie, Nats, were intending on spending today shopping.  I fear that Nats is as much a shopoholic as Coco, although since moving out, Coco cannot afford to spend as much anymore.  
All is quiet with Tee and Muffin today.  He is off til after the new year and Muffin does not start college til the 7th.  I suspect they will just be getting caught up on sleep and taking it easy for the rest of the week, in prep for New Year's Eve.  Some friends of theirs have a NYE engagement for their band just north of here so I think they may attend the party.  I have not heard what else is going on; Muffin and Nats are having a little get together at their place too.  
PJ is off to work today having to crawl through the first snow storm of the season.  According to the forecasters, it is supposed to take down the GTA, then move east.  Whatev.  We ain't scared of no snow!
Must go now; KitBoo thinks that she wants to go out!  HAHAHA, she is in for a surprise!

Love from Lulu xxxx


  1. Hi Lulu, thanks for taking the time to visit my blog! Your Christmas sounded lovely and I hope new year is just as nice too :)

    Emma/Itzy xo

  2. Thank you too Emma. I will be keeping an eye on your beautiful stitching pieces. L :)