Friday, 21 December 2012

It's Beginning to Look a Little Like Christmas!

Sadly, we still have no snow to speak of, which in this northern clime, is not just unusual but down right disappointing.  In Canada, not having snow for Christmas is like the Cali coast not having sand, or Bermuda not having that beautiful turquoise water.  It is not natural.  And for a lot of people it is a harbinger of bad.  My mother used to say, "Green Christmas brings a full graveyard."  Essentially, it means that the flu bugs and viruses are more likely to breed in the milder weather as opposed to the freezing cold that will kill them off, making people sicker and hence the greater chance of death.  I'm not sure that it is scientifically backed but it was just one of the many little sayings that she had when there were "signs".  For instance, if the trees produced more than normal nuts, like pine cones, that would indicate a harsher winter - the wild animals would have to scavenge for their food and would need the additional nuts to survive.  She also claimed that robins will announce coming rain by chirupping as will the leaves on trees by turning themselves "inside out", meaning the wind exposes the undersides of the leaves.  She was also a firm believer in the "pink sky" prognostications.  A pink sky at night was a sailor's delight; a pink sky in the morning was a sailor's warning.  Sometimes her signs were accurate, sometimes not so much. 

I absolutely must wrap today.  PJ does not wrap ever and has been hounding me to get at it.  He will con Coco into it when she is around but we won't likely see her until Christmas eve now.  Her work party was last night and I know she has some visiting to do as well as partying over the weekend. I also must get at some laundry; PJ refuses to use anything but the big bath towels after his shower and they are all in the basket.  He told me that since there were no clean towels, he was reduced to using a paper towel to dry off!  Silly man.

Tee is in for a half day today then off for the next 2 weeks.  His company is a family owned business and they are very encouraging of family get togethers and the whole family Christmas season.  The owner is a lovely old dear of 88 who comes into the office every morning.  He does a little walkabout and chats with some of the boys on the floor everyday.  His children actually run the company but he still signs every cheque by hand.  Tee's boss has already warned Tee that when he sees Mr. C on the floor to keep an eye out to make sure the way is clear and he doesn't trip or take a spill.  Mr. C likes Tee and will chat him up some mornings, sometimes he gets a wink and a salute.  Sweetest man alive. 

So, it really is beginning to look like Christmas in the house but I guess we will have to wait for that white stuff for the total effect. Hope you are ready; it is getting to the nail biting countdown.

Love from Lulu xx

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