Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Please hold...............

I am not happy.  I was just re-routed to another Bell service rep only to be cut off.  The first rep took about 35 min to answer then he sent me to another rep which after waiting for about 10 min, clicked off and I got the busy signal. !?@!??!*&?!!  BTW, have you heard their insipid "hold" muzak?  UGH!
PJ and I are at a cross roads.  We both have cell phones; his is a work based, mine is a personal, so we are really having some tough discussions about whether or not to retain our house phone.  My cell provides all the same services that the house phone does at a lesser cost and even if he loses his phone (if and when he retires), we can still do a family plan and he will have a personal one attached to my bill.
Here is the dilemma: We have our Internet service and our TV service bundled with the phone service, so does that mean that our bundling  discount will be invalidated?  And if so, should we consider something else?  Or if they reduced our phone service charges to something ridiculously cheap, should we still retain the house phone?  OH, it is all just too much for me to think about.
The funny thing is that we never had so many things to consider over the past few years as we seem to have this year!  Will PJ retire?  Or will they make it too desirable for him to go?  Also, our 40th anniversary will be happening on the 3rd of November this year, but he will also be celebrating his 65th bday on the 3rd of December.  What to do?  A combined celebration somewhere in the middle?  Or a tropical beach getaway?  Or maybe just a quiet family do?  We are also considering a new vehicle - my divine heap is 10 years old now and worth not much more than the paper that the ownership is written on; his is a newer truck that can still fetch a decent trade-in value, so do we trade up?  Or just keep it?  Like I said, it is just all too much for me right now.  I just want to enjoy my summer!  Lounging in the pool, planting my garden, hosting BBQ parties, going on our annual shopping excursion to Penn!  
The weather is finally becoming summer-like and we have been out on the deck a couple of nights.  We have also been enjoying the "boys of summer", my fabulous Blue Jays.  One of the most endearing memories I have is the sound of a baseball game on the radio on a hot summer afternoon while my parents were bbqing in the backyard.  It is like the onslaught of 60's Beach Boys music that would be filtering out of every car window beginning in July (pre factory-installed air conditioning as a standard option).  Ahhh, the good old days.  I also cannot pass a rose bush without smelling it to re-live the scent of my mom's gorgeous red rose climbers that surrounded their front door.  I think as Canadians, we survived the winter just to be able to experience the wonders of the new summer each year.  Those long, lazy summer vacations from school, when we thought that 2 months was more like 2 years; the oh-so-horrendous summer camps that meant being separated from your best friend (or summer love interest) for 2 whole weeks; the relatives that came for the week (or 2) that wanted to visit every tourist trap in Toronto; the week that we got to go to the cottage (a rental - different place every year) and spend the day in the lake and the night swatting mosquitos!   I wish we could have really drunk in those days and absorbed every smell and taste but they were fleeting and gone too quickly and there was always "next" summer.  

Love from Lulu, xxxxxxxx

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