Monday, 20 May 2013

My Recent Absence

I got a scolding from Coco the other day about not posting to my blog and that she has been periodically checking and not seeing any new items, so I thought it best to explain a few things.  I also thought it was kind of cute that she was following my posts.  Anyway, I have not been in the greatest of moods lately because although I had initially great success at my weight loss project, it has now stalled out and I am, frankly, a little ticked off about the whole thing.  I have been very conscious of my food choices over the last 3 months and have been eating the "good" foods in abundance.  Yes, we have had an occasional chinese food buffet and 1 or 2 pizzas, but overall, I am eating primarily whole foods, veg and chicken and fish.  I am currently, officially, 1 lb. less than when starting, which means that I actually re-gained 7 of the first 8 lbs. lost.  Great!#@!!@##!
Now, let's move on to more fun stuff!  We had our Annual May 24 Weekend Start the Summer bonfire on Saturday.  It was so nice to be able to sit outside and enjoy the evening.  Many of T's and Coco's friends came over, which was wonderful.  I also was finally privileged  to meet Coco's new boy, Big Daddy.  He is wonderfully attentive to her and has a quietly sweet way.  He also has the most shocking blue eyes that immediately draw your attention.  I just have to get him to shave off that beard so I can see the dimples next!  LOL
I had a little catch up with Barbie, who has been having some personal problems.  Sadly, she has had to deal with some really hard decisions of late and hopefully, things will turn around very soon.  I wish nothing but the best to her and her gorgeous family.  I also was surprised to find out that one of T's close friends and his gf had moved.  Those two are doing great and have a great future ahead of them.  Another of T's friends, who calls himself "Moves" (a reference I think, to his dancing skills LOL) serenaded us with his super guitar skills with a guitar provided by his band mate, the "other" T, the one almost as cute as my T.  We did have a bit of an emergency when Muffin's friend, Star, tripped and sat on a wine glass.  Incredibly, it sliced right through her skirt and created a profusely bleeding gash on her left butt cheek.  Coco and Muffin made the decision to send her to emerg for stitches but who could drive her as we had all had more than a few drinks?  Thankfully, another friend had not had anything to drink as yet and so whisked Star off for 25+ stitches and staples.  :(  Poor thing, we heard she was pretty sore yesterday.  
PJ was away this weekend with his golf buddy down to Ohio.  I was so glad to see him go since he has not been golfing for a couple of years due to a shoulder injury.  They had been talking about going for a few years and PJ just could not do it last year, so I am hoping they are enjoying themselves.  He is due back today.  Now, I just have to figure out how to explain the bloodstains on the step!

Love to all, Lulu xxxxx

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