Thursday, 6 June 2013

Living in the era of TMI

I was somewhat saddened to see a post on Facebook a couple of days ago declaring, "It's a girl!"  I was not saddened to see that the new baby is a girl, but that the parents chose to have that info disclosed to them by the scan tech.  You see the baby is not born yet, so any excitement of the speculation of blue or pink has been dashed.  The couple, T & C, who already have the handsomest little man in town with the sharpest blue eyes I have ever seen, are excited about their new coming arrival.  T is one of the bevy of beautiful girls that work with Coco at the daycare and everyone is very happy about the new baby, but I am of the old school that says you wait til the day to find out.  With both of my kids, there were tantalizingly long months of speculation, measuring, eyeing, groping and even the spinning wedding ring during my pregnancies and everyone had an opinion.  My father dreamt of a blue blanket and was absolutely positive that Coco was to be a boy, although, his "wee Coco" was his pride and joy.  My mother waffled between the sexes depending on how I looked any particular day.  A friend was positive I was carrying a girl based on the size of my butt and another friend was equally positive it was a boy because I carried low.  Two of my cousins, sisters, were also pregnant so it was a high time for the guessers that year.  And like I said, everyone had an opinion.  I even dreamt that my older cousin was going to deliver on the 14 of February, which was actually my due date - Coco decided not to come til March 5!  The funny thing was that my cousin actually delivered on the 14th, but January instead.  
When I was pregnant with Tee, the speculators were on a bender again.  By this time my dad was gone, but Mom made up for it.  She was absolutely sure it was another girl.  Even Coco was old enough to enjoy the wait and the suspense of not knowing.  She used to sing about "her" baby.  I don't recall her having an opinion on whether it would be a boy or a girl, but I know that when he arrived she was thrilled to be the first to see him, bragging that "I saw him before Gran and Daddy!  He's HUGE!"  Not only was he a boy, but a very big one at that!  He also was very content where he was and did not have any intention of stirring from his cozy hibernation, so, after nearly a month of waiting, the doctors decided that we had to go Caesarian.  Thank goodness; he was over 10 lbs!  I often wonder if that was what set the stage for his great love of his bed to this day, sleeping around the clock if given the opportunity.
Back in my day, the surprise at the end of it all was worth it, but I will say my heartiest congratulations and all my best wishes to my friends, T & C, and I look forward to meeting the little blue eyed boy's new sister!
Love from Lulu xxxxxx

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