Wednesday, 20 February 2013

WHOO HOO! The Good News

My last rendezvous with my doc was not exactly, shall we say, happy.  He pretty much threatened me with more meds should I not be successful in getting the pounds off.  In some ways, one could say that he was motivating, possibly a bit inspirational, but I still was leery about how successful I could be at this daunting task.  I diligently ate my veg at every opportunity, opting for salads and steamed veg for dinners, stayed away from bread products, as well as pasta, and had a breakfast of some design every day.  I drank water all day with a couple of herbal teas thrown in and limited my coffees to the weekends.  I also limited most, I must be honest here, but not all of my wine to the weekends too and have found, as I posted previously, a new love for fizzy water, creating wine spritzers.  This I thought was genius as I still get to enjoy my wine but I am literally cutting it in half with each glassful.  I also am appreciating the vegetarian lifestyle a little more as I really do prefer veg and dip or salads for lunches, with an accompanying bit of cheese.  I have also gone back to a childhood delicacy in sardines.....don't look at me like that and uncurl your lip!  My mother introduced me to the delights of sardines when I was very young.  She would make sandwiches of sardines and chili sauce.  Yum.  I prefer them straight out of the can, personally.  Interesting that the "foodies" are all so enamoured with them now and their wonderfully nutritious qualities.  Coco has introduced me to a rather odd but strangely yummy combination also: warm peanut butter with pea pods!  I know, I thought that too!  I think it is the savouriness (?) of the pb and the super sweetness of the pea pods that make such a lovely pairing.  Deelish.  
I really am lucky to have my cheerleaders cheering me on and continuing to encourage my smarter choices.  PJ is benefiting from it all too; he is feeling much happier having his salads for lunches.  And when he is shopping for the veg and fruit, he is very discriminating, looking for the best buys and freshest produce.  He and Coco are shopping ninjas on Saturdays, armed with their flyers and ready with the items circled to ensure they get their price!  Tee, of course is oblivious to it all and just eats whatever is in the house.  Including his dad's no sugar fruit muffins and my low cal cereal.  Brat!
So I have told you all this to say that I had good news at the doc's today!  I have lost 8 1/2 pounds!  Now, don't get too excited; I have a very, very long way to go.  8 1/2 pounds is a drop in the bucket compared to the 100 that I want to lose.  The doc has given me a challenge of 25 off by June, so any ideas you want to share would be very much appreciated.  Or you can just stay tuned for the next installment!

Love from Lulu xxxxxx

PS - I found an interesting website, that talks about eating healthy and seasonally.  If you are interested, check it out.   

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