Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Back to Normal.....Well, Sort of

Life in this household is back to as normal as it will ever be here.  Tee has successfully come through his trauma and returned to work as of yesterday.  His stitches are officially out now since he prodded and picked at them on Sunday.  Oddly enough, he sustained very little swelling and managed to fend off any real pain due to his vigilant regimen of advils and percocets.  Last night his biggest area of concern was his aching feet after standing all day!  
Coco was over on Sunday doing laundry and testing out some "healthy" recipes that she found.  We made chocolate muffins that were primarily rolled oats and applesauce - an interesting combination but they came out very moist and almost brownie-like.  The chocolate was Fry's pure cocoa powder which was intensely choco!  She also found a recipe for beet / carrot chips; not really successful but we will try to find another as the basic concept was tasty, they just didn't crisp up like a chip.  Also a fruit based gelatin "candy", not unlike the various fruit strips commercially made.  It started with strawberries and blueberries, cooked down and pureed then a horrific amount of gelatin (and whisking) added to create the wobbly treats.  All in all, it was an experimental day, highs and lows, but I think we will continue to test out some more.
What's that you ask?  How is my "healthy" eating going?  Pretty good, actually.  I am eating brekkie every morning and not just coffee!  As a matter of fact, I have only had weekend coffees for about 3 weeks now.  Through the week I drink herbal tea and have found a new love for fizzy water.  I have it in a wine glass, for the sophistication factor.  And speaking of wine, I am only indulging on weekends now and adding my fizzy water to make spritzers.  I've all but negated grain products, except for my cereal, shunning breads and pastas.  I have also been indulging in another fave, bean salads.  I love chick peas and black beans and have been creating phenomenal salads with celery, cucumber, black olives, scallions and cherry tomatoes.  I refuse to look at scales and rely on the "baggy" measurement theory: when the clothes get baggy, I have done good!  LOL
PJ has been eating healthier too and has chosen to take salads and lean meat for lunches and it has apparently paid off.  He was at the doctor's a week ago and has lost 10 lbs.  He came home and joyfully announced it.  
I am not speaking to him anymore. 

Love from Lulu xxxx 

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