Wednesday, 31 December 2014

The Year in Review

So, it seems I have a few things to bring everyone up to speed on.  I will go in order of family member so as not to confuse things.
Tee - Upon not returning to his construction work job after the new year, he fell into a dispatching job for a trucking company.  The company is owned by a former work associate of PJ, who happened to mention that he was looking for someone.  PJ offered that, although Tee had never done dispatching, he is a quick learner and would likely want to have a go, if the company was willing.  The owner hired Tee but unfortunately, with his inexperience, he was let go just a few months in.  It was on good terms, however, and the owner and his wife, who had taken a liking to Tee, wished him well and gave him a generous severance.  Tee applied for UI and lived on that for a bit but one day when PJ and I were at the local mall, we saw a booth for one of the techy colleges in the area.  We picked up a brochure and as they say, the rest is history.  Tee looked into it and was immediately drawn to the Video Game Design and Development degree.  He began the process of registering and getting a student loan (thank God) and was successful in being approved for the degree courses.  He began in July and has completed 5 courses at this point - all with honours grades.  His committment to this is staggering, spending hours every night doing homework and determined to maintain his honours marks, even through Mechanical and Engineering Calculus!  Needless to say, PJ and I are ecstatic as is big sis, Coco.  Obviously, I will keep everyone up to date on Tee's progress.  Let's just say, from high school drop out to honours college student is a dream come true for this mom.
Coco - So Coco and Big Daddy found a sweet little basement apartment that is perfect for them.  They have 2 bedrooms for when the children are there and the landlords live upstairs - a lovely young couple with 2 kids.  No news on the wedding front but I think that financial woes are taking precedence there.  Either way, they are very happy with their own place and Big Daddy has become somewhat of a gourmet cook, surprising Coco with dinner delights now and then.  They were very excited to host their first annual Christmas eve party as well, this year, which was great fun.  It was so nice to see the children again since we had not for a little while, what with the busy season upon us.  And we had numerous treats and a visit with Big Daddy's big daddy!  LOL
PJ - Well, of course the biggest news there has already been broken - the final retirement date!  He has a lot of plans for retirement too.  Not the least of which is some renovations of the house.  I have been "pinning" a lot of ideas and would like to get some started soon, so I may have pics for you, to break up my droning text.  Haha, we will see.  

Buddy - Who, you say???  Our latest addition to the family.  Budinski, Mr. Poohead or Monster, just a few of his nick names.  Back at the end of June, a family up the street from us offered him to a good home since they were moving and could not take him with them.  It is a little more complicated than just that, but suffice to say that Tee and I went to see him and could not let him go.  He is a 4 year old Bishon Fris / Yorkshire Terrier mix.  He weighs about 12 pounds and is a little ball of love.  He is excited to see everyone who visits and greets them as if they were coming to see him.  He loves "walkies" with PJ and has a big best friend next door - Rusty, our neighbour's golden retriever.  When we sit out on the deck in the summer, he MUST sit on my lap (which has produced a fair share of bruises with his bony little bum).  He also is a great supporter of death by licking.  He will lick you til the cows come home.  Not to fear, we still have Kitboo, the little princess.  They have their moments but he actually "smiles" at her every now and then.  I will try to get a pic of that too!
So now you have all the news, I think.  If there is anything I have omitted, I am sure Coco will remind me.  She says she follows this blog.  See you all soon.
Love from Lulu, xxxx 

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